How to Know the Difference Between Coconut & Calabash Jewellery

It’s a question we get often. Is this coconut or calabash? We love incorporating the multi-purpose Calabash & Coconut husks into the authentic designs we create. Let me gladly point out that both the Calabash & Coconut products are long loved and used for years by diverse Jamaican artisans…and for good reasons.

Perhaps the “natural” attraction of the popular organic Calabash and Coconut is in the beauty of the material and its versatility. It can be used polished or unpolished, varnished or unvarnished and can be cut into many different shapes and styles.
Coconut and Calabash made jewellery and accessories both add to the authenticity and feel of the unique Caribbean style and culture. They add spice to almost any outfit and are versatile enough to be worn by either sex. Many persons (Jamaicans and visitors) don’t know the difference between the Coconut & the Calabash; but can you recognize the difference between the two?
Here are some characteristics:
  • they are both very durable and brown in appearance.
  • Coconut is more dense, thus is heavier .
  • Coconut also has a richer shade of brown (just like dark chocolate) in comparison to its counterpart the Calabash. Once you get to know them, it is pretty easy to tell the difference.
  • Calabash, though lighter, does not break as easily.
I must admit that we have a bias and we at Rêve really do enjoy working the Calabash more than the Coconut for several reasons:
  • We find it to be an easier material to cut out and carve into compared to the thicker shell of the Coconut.
  • Calabash is very porous, so you can dye it to create a variety of colours and shades, so we can go a bold with our designs as we like and our RȆVEllers love that!
  • As mentioned before, it more durable than the Coconut.
You can enjoy the most dramatic of Ear-Rings without the sacrifice of the heavy weight, strain or pressure on  the ear lobes….and when worn around the neckline, there is little or no discomfort to that of beads or stones that many trendy designs are guilty of sometimes causing.
So, the next time you are browsing our online store, booth display at an event  or our stopping in at the showroom in Kingston, Jamaica be sure to pick up a few our authentic and original designs incorporating the Calabash and Coconut pieces for yourself or a friend… you will be glad you did!
Rêve Jewellery & Accessories is located at 
Shop#13, DEVON House courtyard in Kingston Jamaica. 
Tel (876)908-2498 or Email
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