Odd Couple: TECHNOLOGY and…Jewellery?

It is estimated that there are 25,000 variations of Orchids….they are from the largest flowering plant family in the world. However, somehow, the Orchid plants have always carried an impression of rarity, a symbol of luxury and a reflection of refined tastes. Orchids are extremely beautiful, rare and highly coveted. Imagine our impression when we met a Jamaican born jewellery designer who has found an innovative and unique way to create a refreshing twist on her love for the “Orchid” Blooms.
It’s no wonder these wonderfully unique NATURAL and REAL Orchid designs have found their way into the heart and center of the Rêve showroom. 
The “Orchid” Blooms are real! Preserved through a cutting edge technology, these limited designs are available while stocks lasts; made using only the blooms, precious, semi-precious stones and crystals, they make the perfect gift.
Available in a selection of stunning Brooches (Pins), Necklaces and Pendants it’s certainly a great way to spark creativity by jazzing up an existing wardrobe.
Imagine the endless possibilities…accessorize an old Hat, transform a plain Scarf into a conversation piece or make a bold statement on a conservative dress.
Whatever or however you choose to accentuate your existing closet, we recommend you start a new collection of rare Orchids, the one that guarantees a bloom that will last forever.Start it today with an exquisite Orchid design exclusively found at Rêve.
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