1 Kaftan 7 Ways – From the Beach to the Banquet

Rêve is known for carrying one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces and we are so proud that we are able to do this at a fair and affordable price. We also believe that you should be able to enjoy fashion and style every day and get the most out of your pieces. This is why we love the versatile line of kaftans from the Hizzi brand.

This Tribal Hizzi Kaftan sold out quickly – Worn in Three Ways

The Hizzi kaftans can be worn anywhere from the beach to a night out with the girls. This post focuses on how you can wear this kaftan as a cover-up on your next day at the beach. Skip the tank top and opt for a grown and sexy cover-up that is sheer enough to show a little skin, while maybe covering up the extra skin you don’t need to show.

1.   Wear your Hizzi Kaftan a standard on the shoulder kaftan.

2.   Wear it as a one-shoulder cover-up.

3.    As a single-sleeved mini dress, your kaftan can take you right to your hotel room without worrying about revealing too much along the way.

4.   Wear your kaftan as a sarong/wrap skirt. This is ideal when walking around on the sand while you get a light, natural tan.

5. Wear your kaftan as a simple scarf. Imagine having a kaftan in a fabulous black sheer. You could even take it out and wear it at night with countless outfits for many occasions.

Check out these other fashionable ways that you can wear this kaftan:

6.   As a head tie after the beach to cover your post-saltwater hair.

7.   As a top with white or navy pants to any daytime event for a sailor-chic look.

Check out Teasea (below) showing how you can wear a more formal style kaftan in a chic and fashionable way. By the way, this one is now available in the Rêve store in Devon House, Jamaica now!

We also have another fun and bright kaftan available. Pair it with your favourite leggings and heels for a chic night out or with your simplest flats for a day out.

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