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Fueled by a genuine enthusiasm and passion for our heritage…..….the beautiful island, people, culture and music of JAMAICA all serve as the source of constant inspiration to this authentic JAMAICAN made line.

The company’s slogan “Fashion had a Genesis…behold the RÊVElation!”©……is the statement that defines its mission: providing truly one of kind jewellery pieces that are so EXQUISITE, it will set YOU apart from the norm and the blasé.

COMPANY Background

RÊVE Jewellery & Accessories® was officially launched in Kingston, Jamaica in April 2006 by the siblings Duane andTeasea Bennett.

From the creative to the actual production process… the primary role of the company is galvanizing the Jamaican energies to create EXQUISITE quality trailblazing, trendy yet chic and unique jewellery and accessories to be cherished for a lifetime.

The vision and mission of RÊVE Jewellery & Accessories® is to become legendary as one of the BEST in the world for jewellery and accessories from Jamaica & the wider Caribbean synonymous for authenticity, creativity, delivery, originality and high quality while positively contributing to all stakeholders, environment and country.

RÊVE’s main collections are: “Tears of the Moon”©, “Sweat of the Sun”©, “Reign of the Earth” © and the exciting new “Ben-IT” Collection recently launched by the company.
Additionally, this dynamic company represents and distributes other selected TOP JAMAICAN designers and artistans.


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